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Member's cars under restoration

Kevin Murray's Mk 2 Zephyr Rat Rod







  Kevin Murray's - MK 2 Zephyr


This car has changed hands a few time where I sold it to Andrew McLean but then was fortunate enough to buy it back again. It is a great starting point for the modified Zephyr I have been wanting to build. The body had no rust in it and only a small amount on the inner sills. Andrew and his son Bailey put in mountains of hard work cleaning up the body shell where they stripped the front end so they could put it on the jig and start cleaning under her. The results are remarkable as can be seen in the other photos. Many thanks to Andrew and Bailey.






 I decided to replace the inner sill's and take the jacking points off. 

 It took about 2 weeks using the wire grinding wheel on the under side after I finished work each night to get it looking like new again.


 Bailey wanted me to teach him how to spray so I gave him a shot with the Etch primer. 



Next step was to Sika the seams and spraying the Sound Deadener.


Now to start the top half of her. 










   Bailey Maclean's MK2 Zephyr  


Bailey and I are working on this MK2 for his 16th birthday in 3 yrs.


We brought her from Swan Hill Vic  


It is an matching number engine/body and will be stock modified with


disc front end, extractors and triple SU carburettors.


Bailey has chosen a Classic Original Green Zephyr colour for it after looking at an original sales brochure for the MK2's


It has been great spending time with Bailey working on my MK2 and his one.


So far Bailey's is up to the same stage as mine. 







 It took a few hours each night for 3 weeks with the wire wheel to get all the Swan Hill dirt off of her.


I re-placed the inner sill's and 2 of the supports under the driver and passenger floor pan.



The floor pan was Etch primed and Sound deadened 





  The Engine was fully re-built and painted but now he wants the car green we might have to re-paint it.








  Michael Twisk - Mk 3 Zephyr  


This car was bought from Geoff Smith, a Ford dealer in Alexandra in the late 60's. The original owner had traded it in. I believe he was a farmer in the area. My father drove it until he died in 1979, in which time it was the family car for mum, dad and the 3 boys. We lived in Healesville in those days and for years the Mk 3 made the annual trips to Merimbula for holidays. The local mechanic, Bluey, after he disposed of his garage in town, used to service the car in his back yard shed. It went well; I was once driven through the main street at 70 m.p.h. Bluey was an interesting chap, he would knock off work early on a Friday for his weekly bath. His love was Cortina's, and would always remove the rubber accelerator pedals from the cars he owned, preferring the feel of the metal.

Dad was a member of the "Yarra Junction Rifle Club", hence the 7.62 bullet mark in our car roof, a ricochet, as one of the members sighted in their gun. The sill was damaged when my oldest brother was learning to drive; he drove into a rock gutter at Merimbula wharf. Years later, the same brother's wife drove the car as a second family car, running the kids around. Seatbelts were fitted and the car was left out in the weather, but other significant damage happened around that time, when a car collided into the driver?s side door, and the valance sustained a decent knock when collecting a wombat.

The car was originally "Panama Yellow" colour, with a white roof. It underwent a spray job at Alexandra, remaining the same colour. I took
over the Mk 3 and it became my daily drive in 1989. Victor Pace sold me a replacement driver?s side door, my door went on a car holding spare parts, and a radio was installed. The seats were re-upholstered with $800.00 won on a "mystery bet"

My first trade was an automotive machinist (engine reconditioning), So most of the day to day repairs were done in the garage at home, the diff
was re-built, cylinder head, gear box and steering box bearings, and synchro rings were replaced. Meanwhile, I built a mezzanine in the garage
to house some of the parts. The glass from the doors is under the bed and the 3rd. bedroom has both seats and windscreens.

The full restoration started September 2008. I started a night TAFE course in hobby panel beating, this was a prerequisite for the basic panel
beating course I went on to do. In March 2009 when the car was bead blasted I could get a feel for the amount of work required and the
amount of time it would take, so I decided to employ the TAFE teacher, as he had a mobile restoration business. This has been an amazing journey in itself. With the car having been towed to his home across town, then straight back again, as his wife put out an intervention order.

Rust was found in the usual spots, right hand side of the boot and bottom of the front guards. Sills and dog legs have now been replaced, bottom of the guards fixed, low spots lead filled, and the boot gutter replaced to name a few.

Now, after 18 months, it's almost ready for paint. The front bumper has gone to the chromers, Nunawading Master Electroplaters, to see the
finished job, before committing to all the work.

With thanks to Ian and Liz Carey for their help, information, spare panels and parts, I have now got to this stage.

The car will be again painted "Panama Yellow" and a standard build, apart from the motor, where twin S.U. carbies (when found) will be fitted, headers and a Wade 113 grind com.

Hope things run smoothly, but the next update might take a while.

  Steve Antunovich's Mk3 Zephyr  


I originally bought the car from a guy near Spearwood south of Fremantle, Western Australia, in the mid 1980?s. Apart from no motor, or gearbox, or headlights and surrounding metal, (don?t know why the hell you would cut around the headlight area and take the whole lot out?). The car was fairly complete.  As my brother Dave and I originally had Zephyrs we still had plenty of parts.  Dad had owned Mk111 Zephyrs when we were kids.  Had been bred into us.  My brother and I were members of the Perth Zephyr Club during the early 80?s.   Back then I had a Red Mk111 with a white vinyl roof and my brother drove a white Zodiac Mk111.


I stripped the car and had it sandblasted and etch primed. Then we started under the bonnet with fitting a 250 xflow and toploader. My mate was working at a panel beaters, so we practised what he learnt there on the Zephyr. We did the usual rusty corners and doors etc with steel plates (and rivets cause we didn?t have or couldn?t afford a Mig welder, this was back in about 1986.) He was painting his SS HQ in Chrome Yellow and there was some paint left over so we did under the bonnet first. I wasn?t sure if I liked the colour or not but it grew on me. We got as far as the under bonnet area painted, the motor and gearbox in.


Then work took me to Kalgoorlie in 1987 about 700km?s out of Fremantle, so the Zephyr sat in a mates shed in Freo for a while until I had a shed of my own, (which happened to be the old lady who lived next door?s shed. Which was starting to fall down but it was better than what I had in my yard which was nothing.) When I got it to Kalgoorlie I soon had a mate?s mate paint it for me. Which is still what it currently is painted in. I put the glass back in it and there it sat until I sold it in 1989.  At that stage I was busy racing motorcycles and work was taking up most of my time.  I didn?t think that I would finish it so I sold it to some bloke who seemed really keen to finish it. It went back to Perth.  Unfortunately he didn?t work on it and sold it to another guy who with the help of his brother got it back together and then registered it.  They had it for a while then sold it to a young fella that used it as his daily drive, to and from Agricultural College.   Which was approximately one hour out of Perth. 


In 1992 the young fella decided to sell it.  I found it advertised in the Sunday Times (Perth paper), after talking with him I knew it was my old Zephyr and struck a deal with him then and there.  I flew to Perth and drove it back some six hours away.  We now reside in Tassie and I?m not parting with her again, I learnt my lesson last time.


I?ve since done the brakes ? reconditioned the callipers etc.  Fitted a dual circuit master cylinder from an XB Falcon.  Made and fitted a bracket around the steering box.  New bushes in the steering etc, and as the family has grown I have fitted seatbelts to the rear.  I am now running a 302 Windsor, fitted shockies to the rear and very shortly the 20 year old back yard paint job is about to get a freshen up.  Which I will take pic?s of as we go.  It will be interesting to see how our dodgy panel work with rivets went.  Nothing like being in your twenties and broke trying to get a car on the road. 


Steve Antunovich




Hi Peter

Just a few pics of my mk2 ute nearly finished now after mucking about for 14 years. Bought it out of a shed at Benella, painted roughly but in bits. When I got it home i thought a quick wash and start putting it together, 6 month job at tops!!!!!!!!!!!!

When I washed it dirt came off easily, so did paint to reveal cans  and cans of bog, but not much rust. Decision made to rebuild from scratch. Still retains zephyr engine mild internal mods, 3 spd box and standard diff. Alternator and decent lights fitted, complete rewire (just finished). Hate to say it but commodore strut inserts in front and Au shocks on rear. Usual front end bushing etc, booster fitted to std brakes ( behind seat), with bleeders put to top as they should have been in first place

Clutch ,gearbox reco - Interior all redone - New screen - Electric wipers. Paint is bionic (ba xr6) and can?t remember name of white (ford econovan) not cut and polished as yet. Wheels are from wrecker , don?t know if I will keep them or not

Had a drive of a mates ute at Great Western recently so enthused to get finished at last. Wonder if any one can help me with an interior rear view mirror for 1960 ute (2 screws ? rectangular shape base). I think that is the only part I am missing 


Doug Mckenzie





 Graham Pulley's Mk1 Sedan 

 Darren Heil's Mk3 Zephyr 

Hi Peter,
Here are a couple of photos of my Mk3.
When I brought it home on the trailer it had a 250 crossflow auto with original body and interior.
Since then I have given it a heart lung transplant with a 289 V8 Windsor and a C4 auto.  I have installed a B&M floor shifter and buckets out of a XY.  With help from Adrian Dillon I have ventilated discs on the front with a GT twin master cylinder and drums on the rear connected to a 8 inch Ford diff.
The new colour is Pearl Surf Blue a Chrysler PT Cruiser.  The door pillars, engine bay, boot and bonnet are in colour with the rest in polyester and high fill.  The car body will be painted this October.
All the wiring has been done with a the battery installed in the boot, what is left to do finish the paint work, upholster, put in the glass, purchase some nice rims and cruise with the club.
I hope it is on the road in January 2011, will send you a pic when finished.
Cheers Darren.


  Martin Newbury's Mk3  

The last photo of the car is pretty much as it looks now. All the lights are installed and working and I have started to paint and reassemble the dash. I have also given it a cut and polish.The next big job is the interior. I have a good front seat frame but it needs completely recovering. The back seat has the usual sun damage at the top (you can see it in one of the photos) but will also need a complete recover. The interior will cost a bit of money so it will have to wait for a while.



  Mike Tomlinson's Mk2  



I purchased the Mk2 Zephyr towards the end of 2008, as I was in the process of building a Mk2 Ute to take to the Melbourne Zephyr Club?s 30th Anniversary. But I realised I wasn?t going to get it finished in time.  I had to find a set of wheels to drive to Geelong.

I bought the car from a family in Lara. It had been in the same family since new. When I first saw it, it looked familiar, as I had some photo?s of the car I had taken at Ford in Broadmeadows 2000 to celebrate 75 years of Ford in Australia, ?the homecoming?. The car looked exactly the same, and even had the rally sticker still in the window.

The Zephyr was given a tidy up before Easter 2009, a fresh coat of paint. As rust repairs had been done on the car already, it really only needed a rub down and respray. The factory colour is champagne pink, but it is a wee bit brighter now and the roof is darker again which suits the car. A newer engine was installed as the original was getting tired and noisy, and front end and brake repairs done so she is more reliable now on the road.

The history of my Zephyr is ? Built in Geelong in 1959 and sold new at Eclipse Motors in Ballarat for 1014 pounds. It had been in the same family until I bought it. Grandad bought her new as a family car and did a lot of holiday towing with the family caravan. In the early 70?s when it was time to upgrade, the Zephyr was handed down to his son as it was worthless as a trade in. After the son had finished with the car, she sat on blocks back at the farm until the grandson wanted to restore her to her former glory, as he had memories as a boy sitting in the back seat of the Zephyr going on caravan holidays around Victoria. This was in 1997 and once back on the road it has done limited miles and the restoration work ground to a halt as things changed. So back into the shed the car went, until I bought her. The bonnet emblems were added by the son when he was driving the car in the 70?s apparently. Grandad wasn?t too happy when he saw them, but they give the car some character.   

Mike Tomlinson







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