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Zephyr & Zodiac Owners Club Melbourne

It's not the destination that's important, it's the journey - enjoy it with us

A short history of the Zephyr and Zodiac Owners car Club of Melbourne

During the late 1960's there were thoughts of starting up a club for those people who were interested in the then recently superceded Zephyr & Zodiac. The idea was not put into practice until April of 1974, when an inaugral meeting was held in John Peterson's garage. John is now recognised as the founder of the club, he is a past President, Life member and now the club's Patron following the passing of Reg Rayner.

Some 14 keen enthusiasts joined the club at that meeting, 5 of whom are still active in the Club. Since those early days, the ranks rose significantly and now averges seventy members, many of whom live in country areas, whilst some live interstate and even overseas.

It has not always been an easy ride for the ZZOCM, as like many other Clubs we have endured limited finances and at times a little apathy. Fortunately, through the efforts of a few strong and determined members, the Club has always come through the difficult times and can now proudly boast as being one of the strongest and most respected in Australasia.

The Club continues its 35 year tradition of meeting once a month at a local hall, and after normal business is discussed, we occasionally have guest speakers as well as showing slides and films amongst other social activities. Meetings are usually well attended with some dedicated members travelling up to 200 kilometres on the 1st Tuesday of the month.

Monthly Club outings are also usually well attended and the cameraderie and general interest in the cars is enjoyed by all. The Club regularly takes part in local and rural country festivals and recently had the honour of being officially invited to the Ford Motor Company's 75th Anniversary celebrations.

Over the years, Club member's attitudes towards their preference of model and restoration ideas have continued to vary from MKI's to MKIV's as well as the Granada range. All examples have been prominent at various times with original, restores and modified examples always welcome as part of the Zephyr, Zodiac, Consul and Granada movement.

The Zephyr & Zodiac Owner's Club Melbourne has already successfully hosted two International Conventions here in Victoria, and this one in Geelong marks our 35th Anniversary. The Club is very proud of it's history and the dedication and enthusiasm of all the members who have contributed over the years and especially when you consider that some motoring critics in the eraly days thought the ZZOCM would not last 10 years.

Club Objectives

The main objective of the Zephyr & Zodiac Owner’s Club of Melbourne is to follow in the footsteps of those who established this proud & successful club & to cater for 'anyone' who has an interest in Zephyrs, Zodiacs & Consuls. You do not have to own one, just have an interest in them. The club is non-judgmental on the type, condition, or variations from original that you may choose. The club has several members with various modifications, V8s, body, wheels, paint, trim etc as well as several who have cars in various states of repair e.g. unfinished projects, daily drivers, show cars, concourse, restorations and the occassionsal "basket case" (but much loved non-the less) We have several members who don't even own Zephyrs but this has never been an issue as enthusiasts are encouraged to join & are vital to the future of the Zephyrs, Zodiacs & Consuls continued existance.

The club currently meets on the first Tuesday of each month at The Harry Atkinson Art & Craft Centre, Lake Grove, Coburg North (by Coburg Lake, Melway Map 17 J 10) at 8pm sharp, except for January & November, (can't interfere with Cup Day celebrations & there are always too many hangovers that early in January!). The formal side of these meetings is aimed at being dealt with as quickly as possible, so that the rest of the evening can be set aside to socialize, catch up with fellow members, talk shop (cars) & generally have a good time.

Each month we aim to have an interesting run to various locations at metropolitan or country destinations, attempting to cater for all districts within the State. These can consist of day trips & occasional overnight stays. The committee goes to great lengths to cater for all interests, eg; car shows, festivals, scenic drives, picnic locations, motor sport and more. This can also consist of runs with other clubs, and we currently enjoy a speacial relationship with several other like minded clubs who cater for small Fords. There have been many successful joint runs in the past and this is something that we aim to continue.

Networking ideas is an ongoing requirement to the continued existence of clubs such as the ZZOCM who the critics said would be extinct by now.

While it is realized, & certainly accepted, that many of our members are unable to attend meetings & runs regularly, this does not in any way impact on or affect anyone becoming or being a member. A monthly newsletter is circulated which aims to provide all members with a detailed knowledge of what is happening within the club, & in this age of modern technology, the website is updated almost daily.


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