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It's not the destination that's important, it's the journey - enjoy it with us.

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 Unique Car Events

Cut & paste the above address into your web browser, & it will take you to the Classic Cars Events Calendar.
If there's an event that you want to attend either as a club or as an individual on your CH Plates, let me know as soon as you can & we'll either schedule that run in the club Newsletter, or post it here as a Club Sanctioned run.

 The Zephyrs

No, not the car, the rock & roll group!!!    If you're looking for a great band for your 'special event', look no further than, 'The Zephyrs'.

They performedat our 2009 Convention in Geelong & you can check them out at their website on:- http://www.thezephyrsrock.webs.com


And yes, they do drive a Zephyr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Classic Car Gurus - Check It Out

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