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Zephyr & Zodiac Owners Club Melbourne

It's not the destination that's important, it's the journey - enjoy it with us

Restoring your car

Restoration Contacts

If like me, you are a complete novice at restorations, (or even if you are a seasoned campaigner), it's always nice to know where to go to, or who to talk to about your restoration & in particular how & where to find the parts that you need. On this page, we are going to list as many 'contacts' as we can find that may assist you in your restoration project.

If you know of any that we have not listed, please let me know, we don't care whether they are an individual, a corporate company or operate from out of their shed, if it's going to help keep Z Cars on the road, we'd like to know about them.

Yesterford Pty Ltd

Factory 1/21 Burgess Road, Bayswater North Victoria, Australia, 3153

Phone 03 9761 4714, Fax 03 9761 4107, e-mail address:- [email protected]

Enford specialises in new parts for English Fords made between 1932 and 1966. Click the link to their website and e-mail them for a free catalogue"

Badges & Bits

Having trouble finding those special bits & pieces to get your car looking Mickey Mouse for the Convention in 2009? Give this bloke a try:- Dave King at E-mail Address [email protected] he has access to quite a bit of stuff at reasonable prices.

About Time Spares

625 Warraba Road, The Branch, Booral, NSW Australia, 2425

J.W. Classic Car Parts

03 9762 6025 (Victoria, Australia)

Scotts Old Rubber

Since 1985, Scott's Old Auto Rubber has specialised in rubber products for Automotive Restoration or Repair. Stocking a wide variety of parts & products for a wide variety of cars

A.B. Bolts & Nuts Wholesale

A.B. Bolts & Nuts wholesale to the public, Newlands Road, Reservoir, Vic 9462 5060. 


If you have ever had to replace or get a windscreen fitted to a Z car, chances you have found it extremely difficult to find someone who is prepared to take on the job. For some reason, the word Zephyr scares the daylights out of most windscreen fitters, but not Danny who specializes in Classics, Kustoms, Rods, Prestige as well as chip repairs.

He is able to source windscreens for many hard to get cars. He supplied and fitted the windscreen to Russell Nelm’s Convention award winning Mk3 Zephyr , Graeme Moore’s Mk2 Zephyr convertible and also fitted new front and rear rubbers and a new screen to the Treazurer's Mk2 Zephyr sedan. He does an excellent job and charges a fair price. As you would appreciate, they are very difficult to fit which is why most fitters won’t do it. He is located in Melbourne’s Northern suburbs but as his business name says, can do it at your home (depending of course on where you live), so give him a call.

ON-SITE WINDSCREENS Speak to Danny Mob 0438 326 692, Fax 9009 0359

Dave King in Kiwiland is having a massive cleanout.


New fibreglass Armrest bases for your Mk 2's. A chance to replace your broken

'glued' ones!! Quality reproductions. Available sanded/shaped, painted in the original satin grey finish colour, (2 Pac), as original. $66-00 each. (You would need to salvage the metal 'top plates' from your old arm rests at this stage). New steel top plates with foam will be available at a later stage, but there is no pricing for these yet.

Battery cut-off and anti-theft system, a must-have for Mk 2 owners!! $12 each. (So what is the security of your car worth??)

Dave King (09) 6243710, 0274948905 (Kiwiland)

Repairs to Zephyr and Zodiac clocks.

Rutherglen Clocks and Watches can repair your clock in your Zodiac or Zephyr if you have fitted one . Contact Peter Ellis on (02) 6032 7670 Fax (02) 6032 7910 or email [email protected] 


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